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Full P&L Marketing Effectiveness

Miota is the scaleup choice for integrated, balanced brand-building and performance marketing strategies, using a proprietary effectiveness framework that has seen operational proof in transformational F500 and hypergrowth environments.

Optionally, we also offer unified marketing optimization around the SaaS platform ProofGPS® and ProofGPS® on Salesforce by our strategic partner Proof Analytics, the global leader in automatized marketing mix modelling since 2016.

Marketing Leadership 

Miota mentors marketing leaders on functional team and strategic role build, inspiration and development.


How to strategize and integrate the work of strategic partners? What if agile capabilities and data-driven working are co-implemented? How to design team-leading roles in and across next generation marketing organizations?


Let us help you answering these and other questions around your marketing leadership from decades of our personal experience.

International Marketing Management

Miota scales international business growth, using validated levers from a proprietary marketing management  framework that successfully operated across 12 European country markets in a multibillion Euro-revenue footprint.

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Hanns Schempp

Founder and CEO


Hanns has grown up among nascent digital technology in a family of artists, engineers and scientists. Having led business growth at full P&L scope for corporates and start-ups across more than two decades, he founded Miota as an association of equally seasoned digital pioneers and former executives to infuse evidence-based effectiveness into hybrid and online marketing stacks, methods and teams. Helping companies, whose performance and projections suggest imbalance between brand-building and sales activation, static marketing mixes and non-scaling international marketing management.


Hanns is also an accomplished mentor and speaker, who graduated from Goethe University Frankfurt and Freie Universität Berlin, also completing executive programs of Deutsche Telekom with the European School of Management and Technology in Berlin, Duke and Stanford Universities. He won the World Media Award 2016 with an outstanding team and also made it among the Top 100 Most Impactful B2B Marketing Leaders in Europe 2019. A former member of GDS Research's Digital Insight Advisory Group, Hanns is also current Board Director Europe of US-based and Salesforce-listed unified marketing optimization leader Proof Analytics. 


Miota believes that marketing effectiveness always requires context across the company-wide P&L. Including and especially in scale-ups that are about to transform word-of-mouth and PR around innovative disruption into strategized yet pragmatic brandbuilding within digital performance marketing.


Blending short-term and long-term marketing planning in focused multichannel activity. Turning early international expansion into multiplication of success. Growing leadership and team skills with the business challenge, rather than investment round. This is why everything we do is about strategic effectiveness.


Plainly spoken, growth.


As a strategic marketing advisor operating from Germany across Europe and the globe, we commit to analytical thinking and common sense, free of myth. Miota is dedicated to the one simple and easily defined goal of increasing client profits.


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Our Projects

Expertise. The Asset within.

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Miota projects focus effective business growth at value, speed and sustainability.

Our methodology is agile yet accommodates - from years of corporate experience - early through late stage transformation, static through dynamic market conditions as well as exploitative, expanding and ambidextrous strategies in full-stack through focused marketing and business development roles. 


We support you by external advisory or joining your segment leadership and expert teams as interim organic resources in key roles - your touchstone in embedded advisory.

Customers & Collaborators

Together. Creating effectiveness.

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